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Created 24-Jan-21

Assembling at Shdema 100129-1Nadia Matar Leads 100129-1Manning the Checkpoint 100129-1Manning the Checkpoint 100129-2Photographing the Cavalcade 100129-1Photographing the Cavalcade 100129-2Instructing Wisely 100129-1Family Enthusiasts 100129-1Transport Drivers 100129-1Soldier Guarding Shdema 100129-1Soldier Guarding Shdema 100129-2Flag at Shdema 100129-2Woman Praying at Shdema 100129-1Soldier Guarding Shdema 100129-3Army Photographer 100129-1Wall Feelings at Shdema 100129-1Soldier and Visitors Shdema 100129-1Soldier and Visitors Shdema 100129-2Soldiers Guarding Shdema 100129-5Refreshments at Shdema 100129-1