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Created 20-Jun-17

This visit to the Temple Mount highlights:
Cloisters at the Western edge
Happier relationships between police and visitors
Arab ladies on the Mount
Hareidi Jewish visitors on the Mount
"The Steps" - alignment with the direction of the Temple walls
Shade provided for Ramadan celebrants
Cloisters Along Western Wall 1Cloisters Along Western Wall 2Cloisters Along Western Wall 3Cloisters Along Western Wall 4Cloisters Along Western Wall 5Cloisters Along Western Wall 6Happy TimesNegotiating Slippery Pah after WashdownPoliceman Retreating Backwards in Face of Advancing GroupMoving Nortwards Along Western Wall 1Moving Nortwards Along Western Wall 2Go Out ThereGoodbye Dear FriendsParting RespectsA Mixed Multitude!I Need to Think About This 1I Need to Think About This 2Come Quickly!Heading North in Open Area in Front of Raised Platform 1All Sectors on Path