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Created 7-Jun-16

"The Visit of the 4.5" is an apt title for this gallery, as there were only 5 of us (4 in the beginning then another reinforcement joined) in this prime time visit. That meant we had at least one, if not two, police to accompany each of us around-for our security and make sure we didn't attack anyone or burn down anything. And the same ratio of Wakf guards kindly agreed to help stay within the law and not be found guilty of praying on such holy grounds.
Some from All Sectors at Beginning of VisitWakf Keeping Close on TrailPlace of StudyPlace of Study 2Passing El-AksaSome People Need to be WatchedIn Front of El-Aksa MosqueHulda Gate Area Well Top160515-HarHabayit-6383Retaining Wall on Southern Side of Mount 1Retaining Wall on Southern Side of Mount 2South East Corner of Original Temple Mount160515-HarHabayit-6387160515-HarHabayit-6388160515-HarHabayit-6389160515-HarHabayit-6390160515-HarHabayit-6391160515-HarHabayit-6392View of Eastern Side Looking North160515-HarHabayit-6394