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Created 25-Apr-16

Taking Torah from Holy Ark 2On Two Sides of the Wall 1All Stages of Prayer at KotelTaking Torah from Holy Ark 1Reading from Sefardi Torah Scroll 190509-1Minyan at Kotel 190509-1Sephardic Sefer Torah 190509-1Equal Prayer Access 190509-1Sephardic Sefer Torah 190509-3Sephardic Sefer Torah 190509-2Men Praying at Western Wall 140616-6World-Wide Jewry Have a Part in Western Wall 1Worshipers with Sephardic Torah scrolls at Western Wall 2Worshipers with Sephardic Torah Scrolls at Western Wall 6Exhorting Prayer at Western Wall 3Western Wall - A Place for All Ages 1Western Wall קוטל המערביSoldier and Others Praying at Western Wall 1Mens Prayer at Western Wall 140616-7Worshipers with Sephardic Torah Scrolls at Western Wall 8