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Created 22-Jul-14

Several new neighborhoods are under development adjacent to Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph. Mishkafayim is bordered by Nahar Hayarden on the west and Route 10 (3855) on the east.
Overlooking a magnificent mountain view and the natural reserve Mearat Hateomim, Mishkafayim is adjacent to a complex of private homes and the Sun Gardens neighborhood.

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Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6874Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6875Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6876Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6877Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6878Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6879Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6880Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6881Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6882Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6883Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6884Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6874-80Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6876-8Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6881-3