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Created 9-Sep-20

While at Sukkot time everyone is admiring the schach, as well as wall and ceiling decorations as they sit at a prepared table and enjoy the company-there is something else going on. On the outside, the Sukkah is displaying a personality all of its own.
Ventilated Sukkah in Red FoliageLaced Simplicity SukkahExpressive Fortress SukkahColonial SukkahGreen with Envy Sukkah 1Daredevil Sukkah 2Segula Sukkah 2Messianic SukkahFilling in Suburban Gap SukkahContainer SukkahSukkah Under Construction 2Wallflower SukkahCurvilinear Sukkah 2Bandaged SukkahFeminine Outlook SukkahSailing Sukkah 1Party Sukkah 2Lookout SukkahJungle Sukkah 2Unwanted Sukkah 3