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Created 2-Nov-22

Banner Strategy to Capture the Rare 3 Second Look Up from PhoneTowards Closing Time At the Polls 221101-2Towards Closing Time At the Polls 221101-8Mono Character But Multi-Color Party 221102-1Hop On With This Party for a Great Ride 221103-1Much Resting on This Candidate's Shoulders 221025-1A View From the Inside 221101-1Premonition of Mind Bending Challenge 221101-2Past (Succot), Present (Elections), Future (Construction) 221101Waiting 221101-1Standing High - Above the Mountains 221101-1Party Involved With Everyday Workings 221101-1Party Residing in Heavens 221101-1One Candidate Who Has Clearly Made Good On His Infrastructure Promise 221101-1