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Created 8-Aug-18

We Are In and Heading EastHeading East from Mughrabi Gate 180718-1Heading East from Mughrabi Gate 180718-2Interest in the North Direction as Group Heads EastThinking 180718-1Heading East - Al Aksa on Right 3Lots to Discuss 180718-1Open Gates and Let Us In!Column Capitals in the Southern Herodian Extension of Temple MountHeading East - Al Aksa on Right 1Heading East - Al Aksa on Right 2Continuing East - Al Aksa in BackgroundGuarded March - Dome of Chain in BackgroundPoliceman with Dome of Chain in BackgroundHeading NE with Al-Aksa in BackgroundWalking and Contemplating 1Walking and Contemplating 2History in Paving StonesWalking and Contemplating 3Walking and Contemplating 4