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Created 25-Apr-16

Mother and Child Outside Western Wall PrecinctsEngaged Couple 190509-1Flag 190509-8I Want to See 190509-2Heading Off to New Jerusalem 190509-2Flag 190509-6Independence Day Peeking at Western Wall Prayers 190509-1Engaged Couple 190509-2Gathering and Looking at Kotel with Mughrabi Bridge in Background 190509-1Heading Off to New Jerusalem 190509-1Flag 190509-7I Want to See 190509-1Engaged Couple 190509-3Flag 190509-9Flag 190509-5Men Praying at Western Wall 140616-6Photographer - Western Wall Plaza 1Police at Western Wall 140616-2A Blessing Never Goes Astray 1Unusual Sight for Hareidi Youngsters 4