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Created 25-Apr-16

Donation Collector for Rescue of Captives - Western WallA Blessing Never Goes Astray 1Western Wall קוטל המערביAsking Visitors to Western WallMen Praying at Western Wall 140616-6Mixed Crowd at Western Wall 140416-7Mixed Crowd at Western Wall 140416-4Police at Western Wall 140616-2Unusual Sight for Hareidi Youngsters 4Family Photographer at Western Wall 1Photographer - Western Wall Plaza 1Mongolian Couple at Western Wall in Traditional Dress 1Cohen Waiting to Go Up to Temple MountComing from Different Places 1View onto Western Wall Plaza with Wall and Temple Mount in BackgroundMother and Child Outside Western Wall PrecinctsIndependence Day Peeking at Western Wall Prayers 190509-1Gathering and Looking at Kotel with Mughrabi Bridge in Background 190509-1Engaged Couple 190509-1Engaged Couple 190509-2