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Created 9-Feb-16

"I Can't Believe What I am Seeing!"Tunnel Under Jaffa Gate Access BridgePaz-Belz from Har HotzvimEven an Eruv Deserves a SunsetAccess Road to Mem3 Development - Ramat Beit ShemeshWomen Don't Need the Western Wall to PrayPrayers at Aish Kodesh Synagogue Ramat Beit ShemeshSkyskape at BIG FASHION Mall Beit ShemeshBoys Bicycling Club Gathering Ramat Beit ShemeshPhotographer Focus at Wedding - JerusalemUrban Dune Buggy Warrior - JerusalemEven Walls Blossom in IsraelBinyanei Hauma int Dusk LightA Yellow Rose has its Own BeautyMem3 Development with Gimmel1 in BackgroundPurple and White Flowers