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Created 4-Sep-20

A wall from the time of Suileman encompasses most of the old city of Jerusalem. The southern section includes Dung Gate, Davidson Gardens as well as pathways and open areas used for access to the Western Wall and Temple Mount. There is a wide variety of people that frequents this often picturesque area.

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Jerusalem's Old City Walls 120306-1Outside Jerusalem's Old City Walls 120306-2Har HaZeitim 120306-3Jerusalem's Old City Walls 120306-4Looking East Across Southern Wall of Temple Mount 121023-1Southern Excavations 121023-2Jerusalem's Southern Excavations 121023-3Jerusalem's Dung Gate 130120-1Image or Real? 150623-1Jerusalem's Southern Walls 150623-2Jerusalem's Southern Walls 160117-1Southern Walls Old City 160117-2