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Created 4-Sep-20

Grofit is a kibbutz in southern Israel. Located near Eilat in the Arabah region, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hevel Eilot Regional Council and was founded in 1963.
Tree on Slopes of Grofit 180605-4Swimming Pool, Date Palms and Hills of Jordan 180605-3Panorama Looking East Towards Jordan Hills 180605-2Stables and Groves - Grofit  180605-1Sheltered Lookout - Eastern Side of Grofit 180605-5Bougainvilleas Overlooking Fields of Groft 180605-6View from Kibbutz 180605-7Kibbutz Produce 180605-8Beautiful View 180605-9Need a ride? 180605-10All Alone 180605-11For a Shady Afternoon 180605-12