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Created 4-Sep-20

The Hula Valley (Emek HaHula) is an agricultural region in northern Israel with abundant fresh water. It is a major stopover for birds migrating along the Syrian-African Rift Valley between Africa, Europe, and Asia. The marshland around Lake Hula, a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying malaria, was drained in the 1950s. A small section of the valley was later reflooded in an attempt to revive a nearly extinct ecosystem. An estimated 500 million migrating birds now pass through the Hula Lake Park every year.

Agamon Hula Ornithology (Bird Watching) and Nature Park
Hula Valley Midsummer 130528-1Quiet Time in the Hula Valley 130528-3Getting Ready for Harvest 130528-7Watering the Fields 130528-4Staking the Claim 130528-6Sunset in the Hula Valley 130528-5Cranes at Sunset 161216-1Cranes at Sunset 161216-2Hula-Agamon 161216-3Hula-Agamon  161216-4Cranes at Sunset 161216-5Hula Valley  Midsummer 130528-2