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Created 26-May-14

Several new neighborhoods are under development adjacent to Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph. Mem 3 (M3) is immediately to the south of Sderot Nahar Hayarkon, the Ramat Beit Shemesh ring road.

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SPNI Marker Stone 2014-1Yarmut Valley Looking ESE 2014Stream in Yarmut Valley 2014-1Hill on East of Mem3 2014-1SPNI Marker Stone Mem3 2014-2Yellow Flowers in Yarmut Valley 2014-2Stream in Yarmut Valley 2014-2Yellow Flowers in Yarmut Valley 2014-3Site of Mem3 2014-1Site of Mem3 2014-2Site of Mem3 2014-3Yellow Flowers in Yarmut Valley 2014-4Plant in Yarmut 2014-1Plant in Yarmut 2014-2First Mens Mikveh RBS 2014-1Yellow Flowers in Yarmut Valley 2014-1First Mens Mikveh RBS 2014-2First Mens Mikveh RBS 2014-3Flowers in Yarmut  Field 2014-1