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Created 4-Sep-20

The Western ("Wailing") Wall (Heb. "Kotel") is the famous tourist attraction of the old city of Jerusalem. It served for centuries as the closest focal point to the site of the destroyed Jewish Temples, and even it was difficult to access for Jewish worshippers under Moslem and Christian rule. Today it remains the most prayer location for Jews, although access to the Temple Mount is now possible for Jews under limiting conditions.

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Men at Prayer at Western Wall 140616-13Immersed in Prayer at Western Wall 140416-2Mothers and Children 140506-1Women in Prayer 141104-1The Kotel 190808-21A Place for All 190808-3Discussion in the Plaza 190808-2Washing At the Kotel 151122-1Kotel Visitors 151122-2At the Kotel  151122-3Blowing the Shofer IMG4260Safe Place of Prayer for Everyone IMG4248Reaching for the Sky DSC03900Follow the Glow DSC03953Place of Prayer DSC03932