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Created 6-Aug-19

Colorful Cookies 190804-1Klezmer Sculpture 190804-1Concert Pianist 190804-5Seascape from Netanya 190804-3Seascape from Shaked Tayelet 190804-1Seascape from Shaked Tayelet 190804-12Seascape from Shaked Tayelet 190804-14Textual Graffiti 190804-1Seascape from Shaked Tayelet 190804-16Seascape from Shaked Tayelet 190804-16Sironit Beach from Amphitheater  190804-22Older Apartment Building 190804-1Young Person Graffiti 190804-2Shady Hotel 190804-1Pretty Enough to Turn a Head 190804-1Determined to Enjoy Oneself 190804-1Apartment Building 190804-1Independence Squsre Panorama 190804-1Curtaining for Building 190804-1Sun Protection 190804-1