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Created 26-Jan-23

Khan al-Ahmar is the illegal Palestinian outpost adjacent to Route 1, the main access road connecting Jerusalem to the Dead Sea and Israel’s eastern border.
The Israel High Court has ruled for its relocation on numerous occasions fand the deadline of 1 February is the ninth such extension granted by the High Court.
For details of the issue, read .
Khan al-Ahmar Illegal Palestinian Settlement 230111-2The Photographer On March 230111-2Nadia Matar 230111-1Nadia and Yehudit 230111-1Khan al-Ahmar at Left, Kfar Adumim at Right 230111-12Continuing On Jeep Tour 230111-1Khan al-Ahmar Illegal Settlement 230111-16Nearby Kfar Adumim 230111-1Road to Alon via Ma'ale Mikhmash 230111-1Tour Guides in Conference 230111-1Khan al-Ahmar 230111-8Hand-in-Hand on Tour 230111-1Wired In to the Wilderness 230111-1Illegal Palestinian Settlements Straddling Both Sides Highway #1