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Created 18-Feb-20

Panorama Fields of Kibbutz Lamed Hey 200216-1Panorama Fields of Kibbutz Lamed Hey 200216-2Panorama Fields of Kibbutz Lamed Hey 200216-3Cloud Shaodows on Fields of Kibbutz Netiv Halamed Hey 200216-1New Road from Ramat Beit Shemesh 200216-1Droplets on Lupin Petals 200216-1Casualty of Walkers - Anemone Lupin Hill 200216-1Droplets on Lupin Petals 200216-2Droplets on Lupin Petals 200216-3Ravaged Anemone  Lupin Hill 200216-1Ravaged Anemone  Lupin Hill 200216-2Pair of Anemones 200216-1Pair of Anemones 200216-2Pair of Anemones 200216-3Splitting the Rock 200216-1Pink Cyclamen 200216-1Lace-Like Green Plant 200216-1Lace-Like Green Plant 200216-2Pink Cyclamen 200216-2Pink Cyclamen 200216-2