Created 26-May-24

Arriving 221123-78Woman Praying 221123-43Woman Praying 221123-53Women Praying 221123-62Girl Playing Piano and Playing to Crowd 221123-11Book Stand 221123-21Discussion at Book Stand 221123-2Waiting At the Railing 221123-8Praying in a Crowd - Post Covid 221123-2It's Hard Work Praying and Socializing 221123-2Praying In the Crowd 221123-3Donating to Kes 221123-7Donating to Kes 221123-10The Kes 221123-28It's a Gathering 221123-58A Book Sales Table 221123-5A Day to Watch the Younger Generation 221123-4Waiting For the Bus 221123-2Open Air Marketplace 221123-4