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Created 4-Apr-17

this visit to the Temple Mount highlights:
The variety of visitors
Popularity as a family event
Assiduousness of police visual documentation of details
Father explaining the significance of site to his daughter
Hareidi Photographer 170402-1Looking North Inside Mugrahbi GatePolice GuardsHeading East at BeginningFamily Visitors 170402-1Al Aksa Mosque 170402-1Al Aksa Mosque 170402-2Al Aksa Mosque 170402-3Hareidi Photographer 170402-2At Center Southern PathPointing Out Facts on the Ground 1Father and Daughter 170402-0On South Moving EastHeading North-East 1Heading North-East 2Wakf Guards 170402Stand Up Mini-Lecture 170402-1A Pause for Visitors 170402-1Stand Up Mini-Lecture 170402-2Stand Up Mini-Lecture 170402-3