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Created 4-Sep-20

The closer one looks at a cactus, the more interesting it appears. But remember to honor your limits!
130517-Cactus Flower-2069170414-CactusGarden-9999_14170414-CactusGarden-9999_43170414-CactusGarden-9999_47190402-Pink Cactus in Bloom-1082190402-Pink Cactus in Bloom-1084Tawny Colored Cactus _MG_7648Burnt Cactus _MG_7650170414-B&W Cactus 9999_11-2170414-Pink Cactus 9999_13-2170414-Simply Spikes Cactus 9999_8-2170414-Cactus Spikes Guarding the Flower 9999_31-2Cactus Spikes Guarding the Flower IMG_3061-2