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Created 17-Dec-19

Some Know Their Direction and Others... 191205-4The Trinity Searching for the Path 191205-1Hey You! 191205-1No Hand Left for a Phone! 191205-1Color Coordination at Kotel 191205-1Standing on One Leg 191205-1They Went Thataway 191205-1Proud of Their Flag 191205-1Wall for All 191205-1Seeing A Rebuilt Jerusalem 191205-1Proud of Their Flag 191205-3A Heavenward Elevation 191205-1Reflecting on Colored View of Life 191205-2Gentleman's Agreement 191205-1Sharing the Plaza 191205-1A Bright Appearance 191205-1Are You With Us or Not Sonny Boy? 191205-1Have You Seen This App? 191205-1No Explanation Needed 191205-2No Explanation Needed 191205-3