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Created 21-Jul-16

The Sydney Opera House building is so impressive that a walking tour in non-performance hours can excite as much as the live performances it hosts.
This collection shows some highlights of such a tour. We see the magnificent setting on the shores of Sydney harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge sharing the stage, the warmth of the concert hall, the backstage ancilliary equipment, and the personalities that powered its design projected onto the raw concrete surfaces.
Concert Hall 1Architect's Vision 1Backstage Equipment 1Sydney Harbour Bridge from Opera HouseOve Arup - Head of Engineering ConsultantsOpera House Shells and Esplanade 2Underside of Shells 1Sydney Harbour Bridge and Schoolchildren 3Harbour Path to Opera House 1Opera House Ribbed Shell Roof 1Harbour Path to Opera House 3Architect's Vision 9Backstage Equipment3Foyer, Steps and Ceiling 7Architect's Vision 7Foyer, Steps and Ceiling 2Architect's Vision 2Conducting an Opera House Tour is Like Conducting an Orchestra 1