Created 4-Mar-24

The moving words of a friend:
אָבִינוּ מַלְכֵּנוּ הַצְמַח לָנוּ יְשׁוּעָה בְּקָרוֹב"
Our Father, our King, cause redemption to bloom speedily
Who could have dared dream, at the conclusion of World War II, that from the decimation of European Jewry, anything could possibly take root and grow? Who could have dreamt of a future –any future – which involved anything but basic survival?
Yet from the ashes of the Holocaust sprouted a dream beyond any poet’s wildest fantasy. A new beginning for the Jewish People. The hope borne in the souls of our people for 2000 years of exile.
If you travel to Re’im, the site of the Nova Festival massacre, you will visit a poignant landscape, a field composed of photos of the dead and the kidnapped. The photos are mounted on tall stakes in the bare earth below.
At the base of each stake, in the otherwise barren patch of land, someone planted seeds. At each one, a patch of grass has taken root. The killing field has sprung new life. The innocent photos of lives destroyed have become a very source of vitality. And beauty. And, somehow, a glimmer of hope.
Please cause Your redemption to bloom from this very tragedy, and let us see the splendor yet to come." from
"Avinu Malkeinu: An Unseasonal, Timely Prayer" Jeremy M Staiman MAR 3, 2024, 5:24 PM
Jeremy has beautifully connected the whole Avinu Malkeinu prayer to our situation today, and the verse above specifically to the Nova massacre.
These photos were shot at the tragic Oct7 Nova Festival site, in February 2024.
The site has a main field which housed the stages and now contains the memorial stakes with photos of lost lives.
Across the dirt road there is another huge field, undeveloped except for the memorial patches with names simulating graves, and stakes each with the Israeli flag. Most of the shots are from this field.

For me, the photos convey a number of characteristics of the Nova site including:
* the sheer magnitude of the massacre
* the flatness of the area leaving little chance for those fleeing to escape the encircling terrorists
* the spontaneous concern of family, friends and the State for those massacred.