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Created 17-Nov-22

Panorama from Antiquities to South 21107-5Panorama Looking South to Jerusalem 21107-2Panorama and Tomb 21107-3Tomb Complex 221107-1Participants Accessing the Complex 221107-2Antiquities Surrounding the Complex 221107-1Antiquities Surrounding the Complex 221107-3Antiquities Surrounding the Complex 221107-6Participants at the Complex 221107-3Guide at Nebi Samuel 221107-2Tree at Side of Tomb Complex 221107-1Tree at Side of Tomb Complex 221107-4Visitors at West Side of Complex 221107-1Bird at Window - West Side 221107-1Bird at Window - West Side 221107-2Participants Listening to Guide at Nebi Samuel 221107-2SE Corner of Complex 221107-1Group at Nebi Samuel 221107-2Looking Towards Jerusalem 221107-2Pointing Towards Jerusalem 221107-3