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Created 14-Nov-19

Observation Tower and Playground 191015-1Synagogue Signpost 191015-1Fields and Mountains to the East 191015-1Playground 191015-1Path Between Groves 191015-1Water Tower 191015-1Sukkah 191015-1Sheep Considering Sukkah 191015-1Sukkah 191015-2Home Sign 191015-1Local Products on Sale in Cottage 191015-1Audience and Customers 191015-1Discussion 191015-1Menachem Gottlieb 191015-1Rom Sukkah Decorations 191015-2Menachem Gottlieb and Nati Rom 191015-1Menachem Gottlieb and Nati Rom 191015-2Nati Rom 191015-2Nati Rom 191015-3Nati Rom 191015-4