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Created 13-Feb-19

"Istan" Visitors 191205-2Facing the Holy of Holies on Exit 191205-1Silhouette of Man Under Stone Archway 191205-2Keeping In Step 191205-2Bared Feet 191205-2Visitor Group Photo 191205-5Basking in the Holiness of the Stones of the Temple Mount 191205-1Irrestible Desire to Come Closer to Holiness 191205-2Charity Notices 191205-2Structures on the Raised Platform 191205-1Ladies Amongst the Visitors 191205-1About to Tear Off After Terrorists 191205-1Arab School Kids on Herod's Northern Extension of the Mount 191205-2Eastern Sunlight on Illegal Olive Trees 191205-1Bared Feet 191205-1Rabbi Myers Speaks His Mind 191205-4Timbers from First and Second Temples Staying in the Elements 191205-2Opening a Fifth Mosque at Mercy Gate 191205-1Rabbi Chait Explaining  191205-4Concentrating and Wishing