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Created 4-Apr-18

Ancient Shiloh was the first spiritual and political center of ancient Israelites during the Settlement period. Joshua bin Nun established the Mishkan (Tabernacle) in Shiloh (Joshua 18:1), and it was here that the country was apportioned to the tribes.
For 369 years, the holy ark was kept in the tabernacle, until the first holy temple was built by King Solomon in Jerusalem. For this period, Shilo was the holiest city to the ancient Israelites, to which a pilgrimage was made three times a year.
The modern synagogue of Shiloh was designed with motifs from the ancient tabernacle, both inside and outside. The photos of this collection show these motifs and internal replicas.
Going Up to Shilo SynagogueShilo Synagogue Exterior 180402-1Shilo Synagogue Exterior 180402-5Explanatory Plaque Outside Shilo SynagogueShilo Synagogue Exterior 180402-8Shilo Synagogue Exterior 180402-10Shilo Synagogue Exterior 180402-12Shilo Synagogue from Women's Section 180402-3Woman Praying 180402-2Replicas of Ark of Covenant and Altar of Incense 1Columns and Ceiling of Synagogue 1Columns of ynagogueTable of Showbread Replica in Shiloh Synagogue 3Entrance to Synagogue at ShilohCopper Basin Replica of Mishkan Shiloh