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Created 23-Jul-14

Several new neighborhoods are under development adjacent to Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph. Mishkafayim is bordered by Nahar Hayarden on the west and Route 10 (3855) on the east.
Overlooking a magnificent mountain view and the natural reserve Mearat Hateomim, Mishkafayim is adjacent to a complex of private homes and the Sun Gardens neighborhood.

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Mishkafayim 2014 Q3 7958Mishkafayim 2014 Q3 7960Mishkafayim 2014 Q3 7961BMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7963Mishkafayim 2014 Q3 7964BMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7966BMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7968AMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7968BMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7969AMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7970AMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7971AMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7973AMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7973BMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7980AMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7983ABike Trail End Opposite Mishkafayim 7986Mishkafayim 2014 Q3 7987CMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7989AMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7990BMishkafayim 2014 Q3 7992