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Created 23-Jul-14

Several new neighborhoods are under development adjacent to Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph. Mishkafayim is bordered by Nahar Hayarden on the west and Route 10 (3855) on the east.
Overlooking a magnificent mountain view and the natural reserve Mearat Hateomim, Mishkafayim is adjacent to a complex of private homes and the Sun Gardens neighborhood.

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Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6875Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6877Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6879Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6881Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6883Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6874-80Mishkafayim 2012 Q3 6876-8