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Created 4-May-16

Mevo Dotan EntranceKeeping Visitors Cool at Mevo Dotan160426-Mevo_Dotan-5293Shomron Flag 1Shomron Flag 2Mevo Dotan ClinicVisitors Center and Gym 1Visitors Center and Gym 2Visiting Mevo Dotan 1Visiting Mevo Dotan 2Window of Prefab Settlement BuildingVisitors Center and Gym 3Pastoral Lane - Mevo Dotan 1Pastoral Lane - Mevo Dotan 2Safe Driving Vow - Home in Mevo DotanDoorway -Mevo Dotan 1Home in Mevo Dotan160426-Mevo_Dotan-5308160426-Mevo_Dotan-5309160426-Mevo_Dotan-5310