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Created 21-Apr-19

These photographs are of members of a synagogue who grouped together to bake their own matzot for Passover. This is a common practice allowing personal control and witnessing of the conformity of their matzot to halacha.
Photos are presented in the sequence of the production process as the flour is converted to boxed matzot.
Into the Fiery Furnace 190408-9Shmura Flour 190408-2Sparkling Clean Kneading Dish 190408-1Timing the Run 190408-1First Kneading 190408-4Second Kneading with Steel Beater-Roller 190408-2Second Kneading with Steel Beater-Roller 190408-1Chopping Kneeaded Dough for Rolling 190408-2Steel Rolling Pins 190408-1Rolling the Matza 190804-6Rolling the Matza 190804-1Holing the Matza 190408-3Holed Matza 190408-2Hole Maker, Rolling Pin and Dough Carrying Stick 190408-1Carrying Matza Dough to Oven 190408-3Moving Flattened Dough to Oven 190408-1Into the Fiery Furnace 190408-16Into the Fiery Furnace 190408-13Baking in the Fiery Furnace 190408-11Coming to Get You from the Fiery Furnace 190408-14