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Created 11-Nov-18

Tel Aviv is a strange city. Nestled in the Florentin area of southern Tel Aviv, the LEHI Museum known as “Beit Yair” after Araham Stern seems somewhat out of place. It lies in Rechov Avraham Stern, a street lined with modern graffiti (see the first two photos) which stands in stark contrast to the somber theme and past of this museum.
The museum stands as a memorial to the LEHI fighters who lost their lives fighting for independence from the British, as part of the LEHI underground or subsequently for the IDF. It is visited by all sectors of Israel society, including of course the IDF itself.
In short, it is worth dedicating at least two hours to this focus of Israel’s modern past.

Photos by permission of the LEHI Museum, Avraham Stern Street 8, Tel Aviv 2018.
Modern Tel Aviv Graffiti Opposite Museum 1Modern Tel Aviv Graffiti Opposite Museum 2Our Guide Through the Museum 1Film of Avraham Stern 181108-1Film of Avraham Stern 181108-6LEHI Fighter Memorial Gallery 181108-2Avraham Stern PortraitReward Poster for Palestine High CommissionerLEHI Broadcast 2Assassination of Lord Moyne in Cairo 1UN Partition Plan 29 Nov 1947Ex-Latrun Prison Inmates Tell Their Story 2Moshe Ben-Yehuda LEHI Fighter 2Moshe Ben-Yehuda LEHI Fighter 4Reflections in Beit YairFinestein and Barazani 181220-2Finestein and Barazani 181220-8Finestein and Barazani 181220-10Women Freedom Fighters Imprisoned by British 181220Renaming the Streets of Israel 181220