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Created 21-Oct-18

Eilat Port with Aquaba Mountains in BackgroundEilat Port with Hotels in BackgroundWharf Corner 181008-1Eilat Port Concourse 181008-1Graffiti on Bridge 181008-1Graffiti and Car on Bridge 181008-2Photographer 181008-1Family PosingCrossing Eilat Lagoon Bridge 181008-2Crossing Eilat Lagoon Bridge 181008-1IMG_9474IMG_9474-2Bridge Abutments - Eilat Lagoon 181008-1Bridge Abutments - Eilat Lagoon 181008-2Crossing Eilat Lagoon Bridge 181008-2Police Boat Closeup 181008-1Bridge Springing PointUnloading YachtBridge Spanning LagoonInstrumentation on Top of Yacht