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Created 11-May-19

Photographer 190509-1Photographer 190509-2Giving Directions in the Spirit of the Day 190509-1Minyan at Kotel 190509-1He Went Thataway 190509He Went Thataway 190509Absorbed in Their Prayer 190509-1Absorbed in His Prayer 190509-2I Am Here 190509-1It Takes All Types 190509-1I Am Here 190509-2I Am Here 190509-3Sitting Alone in Prayer 190509-1Singing Hallel on Independence Day 190509-1Singing Hallel on Independence Day 190509-2Standing Tall on Independence Day 190509-1It Takes All Types 190509-2Me, The Ark and The Wall 190509-1Reaching for the Sky 190509-1The Wall Up Close 190509-2