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Created 25-Jan-17

I was walking along a back street between a park and the market place in Ramle when I stumbled upon an old, deserted stone house. A storekeeper opposite pointed out the Magen David etched in the stone above the upper windows. As I started making inquiries about this and other old buildings, I noticed a lady in the street who seemed interested in my questions. She responded with enthusiasm. Juliet explained that the house had belonged to her aunt and uncle who made Aliyah from Tunisia in 1948 (the year in which she was born and made Aliyah). She continued...there were a 100 Jewish homes in Ramle in those early days, together with an abundance of jackals and robbers. Many buildings were deteriorating to the extent that they were put under demolition order. In 1967 her aunt and uncle moved to better accommodation in Jaffa.
Designated for Demolition - North Facade 10Designated for Demolition  - North-East Facade 3Designated for Demolition  - North Facade 4Juliet in Front of Family Home Designated for Demolition 5Juliet in Front of Family Home Designated for Demolition 6Designated for Demolition  - West Facade 7Designated for Demolition  - West Facade 8Designated for Demolition  - North Facade 9