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Created 4-Dec-17

Ezra Orion's outdoor sculpture "Stairway" (1979-1980) is located at the lower entrance to Givat Mordechai in the Elsie Bernadette Garden. It is widely known as "Sulam Yaakov," or "Jacob's Ladder", referencing the story in Book of Genesis (28:11–19). The steps face down so as to discourage the unwise from climbing it.
Jacob'Ladder 171203-21Jacob'Ladder 171203-7Jacob'Ladder 171203-34Jacob'Ladder 171203-26Jacob'Ladder 171203-27Jacob'Ladder 171203-1Jacob'Ladder 171203-36Jacob'Ladder 171203-32Jacob'Ladder 171203-11Jacob'Ladder 171203-29Jacob'Ladder 171203-9Jacob'Ladder 171203-37Jacob'Ladder 171203-8Jacob'Ladder 171203-38Jacob'Ladder 171203-23Jacob'Ladder 171203-16Jacob'Ladder 171203-24Jacob'Ladder 171203-14Jacob'Ladder 171203-4Jacob'Ladder 171203-33