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Created 22-Oct-17

Ligat HaAl (Super League or Premier League), the Israeli Basketball Premier League, is the top-tier level league of professional competition in Israeli club basketball, making it Israel's primary basketball competition.
This collection was taken a few years ago at the Yad Eliahu Stadium in Tel Aviv where Maccabi Tel Aviv played (to the best of my memory) Bnei Herzliya.
Looking at the players it is hard to tell if they are homegrown Ashkenazi or Sephardi Jews. Somebody suggested they weren't Jewish so I checked and (courtesy Wikipedia) found the following:
In 2011, the league imposed a limit of four non-Israelis per team. Jews are immediately eligible for Israeli citizenship, under Israel's Law of Return. Consequently, non-Israeli Jewish basketball players are able to join a team in the league without using up one of the few roster spots available for non-Israeli players.
Examples of Jewish Americans joining teams in the league include Jon Scheyer, Jordan Farmar, Sylven Landesberg, David Blu, and Dan Grunfeld.
Last week I came across an article in the religious magazine שביעי 20/10/17 about a young rising star Yair Bowman who transferred from a Bnei Akiva high school in Modiin to a secular school in Rishon Letzion to be able to train with Maccabi Rishon Lezion
. The page article in Hebrew can be viewed at
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