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Created 28-Mar-18

There is sadness for someone with an appreciation of history to see the conduct of the Temple Mount in these times. Jews are not allowed to pray on their own site--the site of both their Temples, despite the control by their their own police.
Black or near black is an appropriate coloring for these photos.
Beginning the Walk Around the Mount 2Heading East with Al Aksa Mosque in Background 2Rav Weber Speaking Enroute 2Heading East with Herod's Southern Extension in Background 2Pressing Forward towards Eastern Wall 2Rabbi Weber and Rabbi ChaitTourist Group 180319-2Jewish Group Moving North-East 2Police Ahead of GroupTourist Group with Al=Aksa Mosque in Background 2Moving Forward towards Eastern Wall 5Improvised Soccer Goal Posts 1Border Police Leading Group 2Police/Wakf Keeping Jewish Group Contained 2Moving Northwards Along Eastern Wall 3Jewish Group Looking Directly West 2Eliezer The Cohen 2Police Videoing Visiting Group 2Jewish Group Looking Directly West 5Police Videoing Visiting Group 6