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Created 9-Apr-23

Huwara is an Arab village 7 kilometers south of Shechem in the Shomron area, straddling the Route #60 highway which runs north-south .
It recently was the scene of terrorist attacks on Israelis.
On 26 February 2023, two Israelis were shot and killed.
On 19 March 2023, David Stern, an Israeli-American man, was shot and badly injured.
On 25 March 2023, two Israeli soldiers were wounded in a drive-by shooting attack.
These photos were taken on 22 March 2023. Subjects featured are soldiers who had been recently posted to guard the thoroughfare, landscape and building scenes of the town, residents walking in the streets without fear of the soldiers and the numerous illegal car wreck junkyards littering the village.
Another example of these illegal automotive scrapyards is the countless wrecks which have been piling up for years at such a scrapyard near Bir Zeit, polluting topsoil and groundwater with untreated effluents and automotive waste. A one minute YouTube video about this junkyard is found at . And for a national report on automotive junkyards...
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