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Created 22-Nov-15

Every visit to the Temple Mount according to Torah law in the Holy Land of Israel brings some new element(s) to give character to the occasion. This time we saw the apparent arrest of a young man who allegedly called out "Shema Yisrael...". His mistake in praising God publicly was that he spoke in Hebrew rather than Arabic. His detention is all the more bizarre when one notes that the High Court of Israel have, on numerous occasions, upheld the right for all faiths to be given the opportunity to pray on the Temple Mount.
There was a special joy added to the visit as one father brought his son for the first time, in advance of his Bar Mitzvah next week. And as can be seen from the photos of one young mother carrying her tiny baby close to her, it is never too early for proud Jews to ascend.
You can also see timbers carbon dated to the time of the First Temple, left in the open.
Hear Oh Israel...ArrestBarmitzvah Boy - First VisitBarmitzvah Boy and Father