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Created 25-Apr-18

The benefactor (father of Gilad) had the vision to give the young people who established the yishuv the tools to support themselves. They learned in kollel half a day and learned building skills the other half. Using caravans as a base, they built their own homes, putting their learning into practice and increasing their skills in the process. The result is a close-knit community with a great deal to offer in building the Shomron.
(These comments are courtesy of a proud grandmother of one of the residents.)
Community Synagogue 1Flower Bed Outside Administrative OfficeContemplative Outlook 1Daisy Field 1Havat Gilad Looking WestDaisies and Syrian Thistles Line the Paths 1Shady Extension of HomeVisitors Need to Keep on Their ToesResidence - Looking South-WestPlayground DiscussionGroup Outside Community SynagogueHavat Gilad Looking North WestKnow That We Eat Matza at This Time of YearHillslope of Havat GiladLooking EastNew Construction 2New Field - Havat GiladPhotographer Ready to PounceCommunity Synagogue 2Adjacent Hill