Visions of Israel | Gift Ideas

This site provides a wealth of photographs of Israel and Israeli life that make ideal gifts for display in homes, offices, businesses, and schools.

  • Photographs can be ordered as prints in different sizes, or downloaded as jpg files.
  • Matted photographs can be ordered in black or white matting, in sizes 18 x 13 cm and 30 x 20 cm to create outside dimensions of ~25 x ~20 cm and ~40 x ~30 cm. The matted photographs are enclosed in protective, resealable, clear cellophane for use as is. They can also be framed.
  • Canvas on timber frame is a popular way of presenting photographs, with the wrap-around option giving a 3-D effect.
    Standard size is 45 x 30 cm. Larger sizes are available.

  • Among the specialty items are gift certificates in US$ and Israeli shekels, as well as greeting cards which can be used for all occasions.