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Created 25-Apr-16

The flag of Israel, blue and white featuring a six-pointed star, is flown all year round. It comes in all shapes, sizes and materials and is displayed in every conceivable location.
Israeli Flag & Home 8Israeli Flag & GarlicIsraeli Flag & HighriseIsraeli Flag & Post OfficeIsraeli Flag & Home 9Israeli Flag & Home 10Israeli Flag & Home 11Israeli Flag & DangerIsraeli Flag & Geraniums 1Israeli Flag & Geraniums 2Israeli Flag & Geraniums 3Israeli Flag in Eilat Harbor 2Israeli Flag in Eilat Harbor 3Israeli Flag in Eilat Harbor 5Israeli Flag in Eilat Harbor 7Israeli Flag Kibbutz TzoraIsraeli Flag & Kindergarten 1Israeli Flag & Kindergarten 2Israeli Flag & Kindergarten 3Israeli Flag & Home 1