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Created 25-Nov-21

What does one expect when a bunch of photographers get together at a photo exhibition?
Last week I was part of the group who turned up for the Photo Israel International Exhibition 2021 in Tel Aviv.
What I saw (approximately in sequence) was the following:
  • How a Chassidic photographer blends in seamlessly to the scene
  • A presenting photographer answering a viewing photographer’s incisive questions
  • Waste material awash on the bank of the Yarkon River (site of the exhibition). This was a premonition of the two exhibits that impressed us most—both on the subject of waste materials.
  • Ocean waste materials collected by Mandy Barker which she photographed as asteroids in space
  • Rembrandt interpretation of waste materials collected and photographed by Bob Eshuis in Amsterdam
  • Last photo: Fires from incendiary bombs sent from Gaza being fought in the Negev. The photographer is Ido Halevy and yours truly is next to him.
Ocean Objects Washed Ashore 211122-2Face Off 211122-1Rembrandt Interpretation of Waste Materials in Amsterdam 211122-Trash Balls in Space 211122-1Rembrandt Interpretation of Waste Materials in Amsterdam 211122-Two Photographers Getting to the Point 211122-1Photographers Have This Shot Cornered 211122-1Chassidic Photographer Observing 211122-2Two Photographers Getting to the Point 211122-4Yosef with Ido Halevy 211122-1Trash Balloons and Streamers in Space 211122-1Trash Balls in Space 211122-2Yarkon with Trash Wadhed Up on Bank 211122-1Rolling the Dice 211122-2