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Created 24-Dec-16

The Hula Valley in the north of Israel has been regenerated after dredging and draining of the original swamp lands in the early period of the State of Israel. Today it is the regular resting place of hundreds of thousands of migratory birds every year. These photos were taken at the height of the Crane season.
161216-Hula_Agamon-6098161216-Hula_Agamon-5480161216-Hula_Agamon-5540161216-Hula_Agamon-5574161216-Hula_Agamon-5577161216-Hula_Agamon-5933161216-Hula_Agamon-5936161216-Hula_Agamon-5979161216-Hula_Agamon-6053161216-Hula_Agamon-6059161216-Hula_Agamon-6082161216-Hula_Agamon-6117161216-Hula_Agamon-6128Photographer Working in the Dark of PredawnFlying Cranes Reflected in LakeFlying Over BambooFlying Under Radar of Sunrise20161216_073306161216-Hula_Agamon-6096