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Created 1-Oct-20

These shots focus on the atmosphere and realities of congregational prayer and shopping during the Corona virus.
Reading from Torah in Car Park Minyan 200903-3Rav Soloveichik Giving Shiur 200903-2Capsules in Beit Knesset 200904-2Hagba in Corona Abstract 200907-1Ghost of the Capsule 200907-1Putting Up Shade 200915-4View Under Shade 200916-1Sunset Encapsulated - Beit Knesset - Abstract 200916-1Caught In the Capsule 200917-1Rav Soloveichik Giving Shiur 200917-4Light and Shade at Night  200917-1Temperature Check Before Shopping Entry 200918-1Beit Knesset Encapsulated 200921-1Shade for Outside Minyanim 200921-1Shabbat Takeouts 200925-1Waiting to Check Temperatures 200925-4Masked Patience 200925-1Outside Undercover Prayer 200927-1Shaliach Tzibur in Afternoon Sun 201001-1Car Park Minyan at Night 201001-5