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Created 4-Dec-18

Sometimes when we get close up, details are revealed that give depth to a picture. These shots of the Chanukah menora (nine-branched candelabrum) taken on the second night of the festival aim to reveal these details. Close up, we can even start to feel the character of the particular chanukiah.
Candles and Crystal 181203-25Bottled Light 181203-27What's Your Angle? 181203-2Close Up 181203-4Reflections 181203-3Wicked Flame 181203-7Wick Afloat 181203-8Colored Flames 181203-5Silver Crinkles 181203-1Cloudy Flames 181203-11Thick Wick 181203-17Shamash 181203-15Fiery Pair 181203-23