Created 29-Feb-24

Taking the High Ground 240227-1Anger Outburst 240227-1Looking Out for Voters 240227-2This is About Enjoying Ourselves 240227-1Constructing a New Council 240227-1Maybe Then the Change is Around the Corner? 240227-1Safety Service - One Quick Glance is Enough! 240227-1Mix and Match Voters with Signs 240227-2What the Battle Looks Like to a Three-year-old 240227-1The Situation Bears Thought 240227-1Most Important Is to Smile 240227-1When You Are All Alone You Can Expect the Blues 240227-1Catch Them Going Around the Corner 240227-1Elections Are a Little Overpowering for Three-Year-Olds 240227-2Keeping People On the Path 240227-2Signage Respecting Sufferers of Monocular, Binocular and MultiocCanvasing Makes Us Delighted Beyond Words 240227-2Mixed Reactions To My Question "Are We Voting For School PrincipPreparing For Standing Prayer 240227-2Mixed Reaction to My Request to Purchase a Few More Envelopes 24