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Created 8-Dec-22

These are a selection showing the variety of activities and scenes at the 5783 Sigd celebrations at Armon Hanatziv in Jerusalem.
Arriving 221123-75Women Praying 221123-61Arriving 221123-68Book Stand 221123-3Praying in a Crowd - Post Covid 221123-1Israel Beta Celebrating Israel 221123-2Jerusalem 221123-2Low Angle Selfie 221123-1The Kes 221123-21Crochet Work for Sale 221123-3Donating to Kes 221123-9Donating to Kes 221123-12A Book Sales Table 221123-4Open Air Marketplace 221123-20Open Air Marketplace 221123-11Open Air Marketplace 221123-2Open Air Marketplace 221123-24Hands Praying 221123-5